Your own integrated sports performance support team with oneathlete

Here at oneathlete we work in a unique way, giving disabled athletes access to an integrated sports performance support team. Our aim is to ensure you have access to strength and conditioning coaching, physiotherapy and performance mindset and lifestyle mentoring  when they need it most so you can compete in disability sport and reach your full potential .

For our athletes, it’s an opportunity to take control of your performance development. You’re talented. But, to maximise it you need to put a team of people around you to guide the way.

No successful athlete has ever walked this road alone. With oneathlete on your team, you’re placed at the very centre of what we do to create a fully integrated sports performance support team – athlete, strength and conditioning support, physiotherapy and mindset mentoring. We’ll move around you and your needs. We’re dynamic. We’re exciting. And, we have had success at the highest levels of elite sport.

oneathlete came together because of a shared love for working with disabled athletes and we’ve become specialists in our field. However, with experience of working with able bodied and disabled athletes, we will help you reach the highest level in your sport.

Take the opportunity. Have a look around the site and find out more about how oneathlete can give you the ultimate integrated sports performance support team. Then, when you’re ready, so are we. To get in touch, just drop us an email or give us a call.

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