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Your ultimate integrated sports performance support team.

Central to oneathlete is our flexible, integrated way of working. We are oneteam. Sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and performance mindset and lifestyle mentoring. Everything we do is designed to create an integrated, performance-focused environment for our athletes as well as the coaches and organisations we work with.

Integrated sports performance support

Regular team meetings – we meet regularly to ensure integration within the oneathlete team so that our support services work seamlessly together and complement each other to that areas for development and focus are continually addressed.

Communications with key stakeholders – to give you the ultimate integrated sports performance support, we’ll communicate with your technical coach, current support team and, if appropriate, National Governing Bodies, to ensure co-ordination of your objectives and communication of performance monitoring information.

Training programming and periodisation – we’ll work with your technical coach to give you a structured yet flexible plan for the short, medium and long-term.

A joint screening process – when we start working with you, we’ll have an initial joint sports physiotherapy and strength and conditioning specific screening process.

Performance testing and monitoring processes – we’ll share our test results and other data with you and your technical coach. We have a system in place to monitor our athlete’s health, injury status, recovery and training loads. We’ll give you the tools you need to maximise your performance potential.

Some of our other key principles and services that we offer:

  • Designated athlete manager who will act as the main point of contact and help facilitate training schedules and provide additional support.
  • One to one performance mindset and lifestyle mentoring – athletes can meet up with the their performance mindset and lifestyle mentor on a one-to-one basis.
  • Innovative training and treatment methods – we use current research and where none exists, we’re doing research of our own, so we can give you the best training and treatment to help you achieve your potential.
  • Video training programs – whenever possible, we’ll give you a video of your training program to help you when you’re training without your strength and conditioning coach or sports physiotherapist.

Flexible support with Athlete Performance Credits (APCs)

We use a system of Athlete Performance Credits (APCs). It has been designed to give you control over your support whilst keeping within your training budget.

Each APC equates to 1 hour of contact time with a member of the oneathlete team and you can choose to buy as many as you need on a monthly basis or across a longer training block. We’ll give you guidance on how much support you’ll need to reach your goals based on our joint screening and goal setting sessions.

You can choose to split your sessions the same way each month but our APC system is designed to give you the flexibility to shift the focus from one support service to another if you need to.

If this sound like something you’d like to be a part of it, we’d love to join you.

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