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To be the best athlete you can be, we believe it’s essential to train both your body and your mind. Our approach to performance mindset and lifestyle mentoring is about more than just developing a strong mindset through sports psychology.

For sure you need to believe you can be successful. You need to be able to handle nerves, excitement, failure and success. From each situation you must reflect, evaluate and adapt. Everything you do as an athlete is part of a continual learning experience. Sometimes it’s based on science, sometimes trial and error. But, each time you learn something you can use in the future to make you stronger, to eliminate doubt or to prepare better.

With the right physical and skill attributes, combined with a strong mind and positive attitude, you can make your sporting dreams come true. We here to help you put these things in place so that when the time comes your mind is as finely tuned as your body and success is there for the taking.

Mentoring from experience

Our performance mindset and lifestyle mentoring is delivered by elite and professional athletes, Richard Whitehead and David Jackson. They have experienced the highs and lows, success and failure, and each time they’ve used their experiences to come back better. Our approach is about mentoring. We guide our athletes and help them to create their own performance lifestyle and unshakeable mindset, and to discover a process that works for them.

To give you a flavour of the support we offer, here are some of the areas we’ll cover:

Motivation – we’ll look at and help you understand your motivations and how you can use a greater understanding of them to focus on your training and performance.

Goal setting – we can help you set the right goals for your career covering the short, medium and long term, and then show you how to implement them to your greatest benefit.

Mindset training – a winning mindset is about more than just being positive. Your mindset can be trained and changed. Together, we’ll look at techniques like visualisation, affirmation and relaxation to help you get the most out of your mindset and ultimately increase your athletic performance.

Lifestyle – the right work/life balance in respect of your training and competition is essential to a long and successful career in sport. Being professional athletes and using their own experiences, Richard and Dave can help you get the balance right and help you manage the stresses associated with being a professional athlete.

‘Life after sport’ – all our sporting careers will come to an end at some point. It’s inevitable as our body ages. So, it’s important to think about what area of work or career interests you have. Together, we can explore career options that interest you and help you put a plan in place to help you through the transition from professional sports person to working life.

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