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Strength and conditioning training programmes and phases vary based on the adaptation we are looking for, whether that’s endurance, speed, strength, power or a combination of these elements. When it comes down to it though, strength and conditioning is about movement. It’s about improving the ability to move in such away that an athlete is better able to meet the technical requirements of their sport.

Our focus is to support you to develop the attributes and skills that will enable you to enhance your performance by equipping you with a sports specific body that moves technically and functionally well.

Movement without injuryInjury prevention, strength and conditioning

To achieve your potential, you must move with control. This is the most important element of what we do, injury prevention.

If you’re injured, you can’t win medals or compete for league and championship titles. As the body is trained to move in new ways, under increasing loads or at higher speeds, the ability to control each movement is key.

You are only as strong as your body’s weakest link.

The onemovement approach means we constantly monitor for signs and indicators of injury risk and together with onebody, we tackle them. The results can be seen in our proven track record of extremely low, non-contact injuries in our athletes.

Move any way you like

Once you’re able to move with control, we can meet the sports specific requirements by adding as much endurance, strength, power and speed as we like. The onemovement team of strength and conditioning coaches will help you develop into the best athlete you can be.

We are a team and we all have a part to play. That includes you. As the athlete, we ask you to do something for us. Commit to the training programme, take ownership and communicate. No one knows you better than yourself.

Bring your A-game because we’ll bring ours!

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