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Quote about motivation to think about why you started

Who is the “I” in motivation?

Jacko encourages us to think about who is the “I” in motivation. Your own motivation can and should be a constant not something that changes based on good or bad experiences and performances, or the expectations of others.

Richard Whitehead photo by David Baird - www.david-baird.co.uk

Mindfulness in sport

The practice of mindfulness has been used in various sports and activities for many years. Jacko takes a closer look at mindfulness in sport: what it is, how it’s useful and tips on how to practise it.

Paralympic athlete Richard Whitehead

Getting in the ‘zone’

Athletes often talk about getting in the ‘zone’. Jacko takes a look at what the ‘zone’ actually is with some tips for athletes on how to get in it.


The difference between dreams and goals

Jacko takes a closer look at the difference between dreams and goals. There’s a huge difference between daydreaming about something you’d hope or wish might come true and actually going after a goal and making it become a reality.