World-class performance support services to maximise your athletes’ potential.

As an organisation, club or institution, one of your key responsibilities is to develop your athletes and create an environment in which they can achieve their potential. Ultimately, the end game is to create as many world-class athletes as possible who go on to achieve success at the highest levels.

So where talent exists there must be a system in place to support it. Athletes need investment in both time and resources. They need a team placed around them who can guide the process and shape their development. But, we understand that as an organisation it is sometimes hard to support all these individuals by yourself or you may not have the personnel to do it.

oneathlete can provide an integrated performance support team incorporating strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and lifestyle mentoring.  This is available to all stages of the performance pathway, but especially at the ‘Talent Development’ stage. These athletes have been identified as talented but need additional support in developing the attributes required to compete on the world stage. Without appropriate guidance, potential medal winners may never reach their optimum performance.

The scope of the support we can provide is designed specifically for your needs. To ensure accountability through monitoring performance enhancement, oneathlete offer:

  • Individual and integrated screening processes
  • Full integration and communication within the oneathlete team and with technical coaches
  • Performance testing and analysis
  • Collation and analysis of training volume, intensity and recovery information

Contact us today, so we can talk to you in more detail and develop a tailored solution for you and your athletes.